About Me

About Me

Who am I?

I’m Ryan Pong. I’ve been playing music since I was seven and started gaming at around the same time. I play guitar, cello, and piano as a hobby but It does come in handy when creating music. I’ve attended Brock University and majored in the interactive arts and science program there. Before that I attended Etobicoke School of the Arts Majoring in Music, cello specifically and before that attended The Royal Conservatory of Music.


Why Work with Me?

I Listen

Listening to what I create is the majority of what I do, but that doesn’t mean I only listen to my work. I strive to make the sound and music that YOU want. I want to ensure that when you hire me, you get the work you want from me. I always look for feedback to help me make the music you want.


Timely Services with a Plan

I want to deliver your work in a timely manner. I don’t like wasting my time and I don’t want you wasting your time either! Time is precious, so when I take on a project I’ll do my best to deliver a timeline of what I’m going to deliver from you.

Gear and Software

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