Couch competitive Jousting game. Play as three knights and become a god of the Gungnirian Arena!
The project demanded a silly, yet somewhat serious tone with a blend of medieval and futuristic sound. There are three knights to choose from. The Heroic, ostrich riding, Avem. The Gloomy, shark riding, Requin, and the Stylish, bull riding, Toro.

On the project I created a few sound effects, worked with Wwise to implement all of the sounds in our game and created the entire soundtrack.

If you would like to play the game, grab two wired xbox controllers (xbox one, or 360) and you can download the levelup build here

Vice Vice Baby

A short film created at Brockock University. Two clueless mobsters make a huge mistake and attempt to gain forgiveness from their psychotic mob boss. What could possibly go wrong?

In this project I recorded a majority of the dialogue with a boom mic, composed the soundtrack, synced and created sound effects, along with normalize dialogue for the film.


Role: Composer


See how many points you can get! Use the Google Play Leaderboards to challenge your friends and gain Achievements! Munch away!

Collect coins to unlock new colours in the shop!

In this project I was commissioned to create the music for the game on reddit.


Role: Composer, 3d modeler

Listen to the Music 

Unfinished third year game. Explore and escape from a dangerous facility.

In this project I created the soundtrack, and worked on 3d models for the game.